Geommag, Group Specialized in Regulation, Conditioning and Handling of Products.

We support your Operation with 6 Business Units..

  • Maquila of Services (Labeling, Assembly of Promotions, Packaging, Adding Instructions, Inspection, Picking, Reverse Logistics)
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Transportation and Customs Clearance
  • International Trade Consulting
  • Trading
  • UVA (Accredited Verification Unit)

Value proposal

We Add Value to Your Operations:

Expertise Integration:
We offer Comprehensive and Complete Solutions in Regulations, Conditioning and Product Management.

BufferOut Sourcing Operations:
We facilitate your processes by solving bottlenecks and optimizing costs.

Answer’s capacity Flexibility:
Ability to respond and adapt to your requirements.

Compliance Experience:
We diagnose, propose and solve, committing ourselves to the established delivery times.

Personalized Attention Support:
High Commitment of the Management that allows us to act quickly in decision making.

Continuous improvement Control:
Quality Management System, Metrics, Indicators and Process Control